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        Película Father is a Dog (2009)

        Película Father is a Dog (2009)

        Feb. 19, 2009100 Min.
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        The toughest and cruelest legal leap series «Female Fighter vs Lepu Devil». The rules are simple: fight one-on-one with Repuma, win if you don’t take off your clothes, and lose if you take off your clothes. If you lose, the most horrific legal leap in the world will be executed at the end. Non-stop even if you cry or get injured! A beautiful female fighter, Mako, is stabbed with Ji-ko without foreplay, and a large amount of dirty semen is thrown on her face!

        Película Father is a Dog (2009)
        Título original 女格闘家VSレイプ魔 美人格闘家崩壊編




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